Radiant Cacti

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Cactus Portraits: Radiant Cacti (2017)

The cactus has been a recurring motif in my art ever since I returned to the Coachella Valley after graduating from college. I became fascinated by the ease at which they could be propagated and their ability to thrive in the harsh environment of the desert. As subjects, I don’t find them particularly attractive or beautiful in the traditional sense (let alone easy to work with), but their complexity and resilience are abstract concepts that I admire and attempt to capture with paint.

Many of the paintings are based on my personal collection of cacti that I accumulated from cuttings and droppings over the past 6 years. Others are based on photos of cacti I encounter in my day-to-day life. Each cactus I have painted has personal significance to me or someone I know. Each cactus presents its own personality. As such, I consider these paintings to exist at the intersection of landscape, still life, and portraiture.